TJS’ RFID – Technology

You’ve probably heard ‘RFID’, but what is it actually?

You know ‘barcodes’ and as you know scanning one barcode is a lot easier and faster then entering an item number into a computer system; you save time.

Let us now look at RFID, each item will be “equipped/tagged” with a tiny little microchip and if we now ‘scan’ the item, the computer reads it’s identity, but not one-by-one as with barcodes, but 10 or 20 or more within seconds. Image what time saving that will bring us!

RFID improves stock control and optimizes inventory purchases to boosting sales and reducing holding costs.

In addition to quick stock takes and accurate product movement tracking, RFID opens new opportunities for unique and memorable customer engagement. It also offers unlimited marketing opportunities. Gain insight into buyer trends – not just purchase information but also valuable data about the buying process.

Know what’s been successful to maximize asset ROI.

We proudly integrate with TJS’ RFID technology