Features & Options

DiamondCounter is loaded with many features. From point-of-sale, inventory control, repair tracking, financial & sales reporting and much much more.


-Receipt Printing
-'get-more-online-reviews' feature
-Integrated Credit Card processing

Financial & Sales Reports

-Daily, weekly or monthly reporting
-Daily deposit reports
-Lay-away tracking and reporting
-Customer charge account overview
-Good seller reports
-Aging reports
-Inventory health and buying pattern reporting (Stock-Optimizer)
-New merchandize investment guiding
-GMROI reporting

Repair Tracking

-Job-bag envelope printing
-Imaging for repairs

Customer Tracking

-Phone numbers
-Birthdays and other occasions
-finger sizing
-Customer occasion alert
-Wish-list functionality
-Customer relationship management (CRM)

SMS Texting

-Your repair-is-done”
-Item detail texting
-Online review requests at point-of-sale

and much more...

-Gift Card integration
-Employee punch clock
-Gold-Buying interface with live gold pricing

We will setup your system so you can backup your database with the click of one button.
If you choose you can even do a off-site backup once a day to our backup server.