What We Do

DiamondCounter retail jewelry store management software consolidates all day-to-day functions of your store with all people interacting with your store. From complete point-of-sale and effective customer retention and marketing to detailed financial management reporting, the store will run in a secure, efficient and simple to use manner.

We believe that support is the most important part for you running a computer system and we take pride in making support our priority.

All programming and new development is done in house, so if you have certain requirements that are unique to your business and that you would like to see in your software portfolio we are able to make custom changes for you – talk to us and let us know what you have in mind.

Your data will be stored locally. Unlike online cloud based systems, we allow you to have your data at your store. You will never have to depend on a reliable internet connection, the data is always where it should be – with you!

Data backup is provided and set up at your location, so you have a backup file for every day.