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…the Canadian Diamond Dealer Software


Who we are

InCom Technical Solutions Inc has been in business since 2002. We have two main products; a diamond dealer management system called Eureka and a retail store management system.

What We Do

Eureka manages all aspects of a diamond dealer’s daily functions including inventory, sales, memos, client contact and management, website integration and much more.

Why You Need It

Our software essentially takes all day-to-day business data and stores it in order to perform inventory, customer management and reporting. Eureka quickly and efficiently performs many management tasks and gives you back all the time saved in order that you can concentrate on growing your business

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Complete Management Of Your Inventory, Orders, Memos, Client and more.


Single Stone & Parcel Inventory

Inventory, Memo & Client Reporting

Single stones and parcels

GIA Auto-Data Integration

RAPAPORT Integration

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Detailed Search Capability of   In-stock, Memo, Parcels

Emailing, of requested inventory lists etc

Print options: Diamond Papers and Labels


Canadian Stone Management

Client Management

Website Integration, with Guest and Customer access