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Assistance, how to get help from us!build and print an inventory catalogCredit Cards, chargingCustomer, ad-campain reportCustomer, add e-mail information on the flyCustomer, adding a newCustomer, adding, by using the reverse phone number look-upCustomer, export a list of your clientsCustomer, find a repair that was picked up beforeCustomer, find the purchasing history of one specific customerCustomer, findingCustomer, finding top customersCustomer, give a specific customer an auto-discount with each saleCustomer, how to access the CRM tools and what they meanCustomer, how to delete an existingCustomer, how to get access to the customer CRM toolsCustomer, how to merge two customersCustomer, how to print the customer's purchasing historyCustomer, Look-and-Find feature, usingCustomer, Occasions, finding upcomingCustomer, purchasing history print-out example (PDF doc)daily things you should do!e-mail, how to add a customer's email on the flyEmployee, how to logoffEmployee, setting authorization to delete repair job bagsEmployee, setting maximum discounts the employee can giveEmployees, adding and editingError Message, NULL is not a valid WIN32 application, what to doFaceBook, how to upload products to your account wallFaceBook, how to use a different user accountFaceBook, logging in and out of your accountGift Cards, how to get a list of outstanding gift cardsGift Cards, how to look-up remaining balanceGift Cards, issuing and usingGM-ROI report, creatingGM-ROI report, how to read and understand (PDF doc)Help, how to get help from us!how to export e-mail addresses and how to send themhow to re-order fast sellers using e-orderhow to to a mail merge and print out mailing labelshow to view the customer's repair & special order history and current jobsImages, addingInventory, add a new item by copying/cloning an existing itemInventory, adding - using PLEXUSInventory, adding from an invoiceInventory, adding from an invoice - using PLEXUSInventory, Aging reportInventory, find pieces that were entered from a specific invoice numberInventory, find pieces that were entered on a specific dateInventory, Good-Sellers reportInventory, how to create multi-itemsInventory, how to enter a new loose diamondInventory, how to exclude an item from being discounted at point-of-saleInventory, how to merge two existing article categories/departments into just oneInventory, how to set and specify memo or consignment itemsInventory, how to upload products to your FaceBook account wallInventory, merging items, using the parent/child functionInventory, multi-items, creating and changing the quantityInventory, perform a physical inventory control countInventory, re-order good sellersInventory, return an item to the vendorInventory, viewing a listInvestment Guide, how to read and understandJewelBase - how to setup the store information on your JewelBase siteJewelBase - how to upload to your JewelBase accountJewelBase - using the online repair enquiry featureLabel Printer - adjusting the left/right print offsetLabel Printer - how to load properly labels and ribbonLay-Away, create a generic deposit towards any purchaseLay-Away, creating a deposit towards a specific itemLay-Away, creating a deposit towards several itemsLay-Away, how to refund a deposit/money to a customerLay-Away, remove an item from a customer's lay-awayMulti-Store Environment, import product lines from another storeMulti-Store Environment, look-up products in other locationsMulti-Store Environment, sending inventory to another storePhone call, how to make a call using SKYPEPLEXUS - adding new inventory from an invoice, using PLEXUSPLEXUS - adding new inventory, using PLEXUSPLEXUS - browse products on the PLEXUS networkPunch-Clock, usingQuickItems, how to setup (add) and useRe-Order good sellersrecalling a past inventory reportReceipts, how to add and setup an ad-bannerReceipts, sample printout (PDF doc)Receipts, setup disclaimerRepair Bag, sample printout (PDF doc)Repair, creating a newRepair, find a repair bag for a customer that has already been picked upRepair, how to delete an existing jobRepair, how to find a repair job in different waysRepair, Price Guide, how to setup and useRepair, using the Smart-Bag functionReports - ad-campainReports - aging and good-sellersReports - display sales within a certain date rangeReports - GM-ROI, creatingReports - GM-ROI, understanding report (PDF doc)Reports - Investment Guide, how to read and understandReports - list and print special ordersReturn, how to perform a return sale (refund)Return, how to return an item to the vendorSale, how add an item from the customer's wishlistSale, how to exclude an item from being discounted at point-of-saleSale, how to make a sale tax exemptSale, how to make a sales "tax-included"Sale, how to over-write a sale with a greater discountSale, how to overwrite an item that is being discountedSale, how to perform a return (refund)Sale, how to perform a saleSale, how to sell QuickItemsSale, how to split a sales between two or three sales peopleScrap-Metal, how to useSetup, how to select small or larger font for labelsSetup, how to setup the default city for a new customerSetup, how to setup the disclaimers for receipts etc.Setup, how to setup the proper sales tax rateSetup, how to setup the software for the new HST tax coming in July (ON & BC)Setup, how to setup users and employeesSetup, how to use and setup the auto-logoff featureSKYPE, how to use to make a phone call from DiamondCounterSmart-Bag, usingSoftware not registered, what to doSoftware Update and Upgrade to new versionSoftware Update, how to recover from a WIN32 error messageSpecial Order, create a newSpecial Order, list and print special ordersSupplier, adding a newTwitter, how to follow us on the Twitter newsUser-Manual Quick Start Instructions - FAQUser-Manual Version 10User-Manual Volare RF-ID ScannerWish List, how add an item to the sales basket from the customer's wishlistWish List, Look-and-Find feature, using